Mammouth’s Conference


Marianne Paquet, Journalist/

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois came to the school on May 18 and presented a conference about the importance of the environment.   

Mr. Nadeau came  to the school to present a conference about how the fight for the environment is important and how working together can help more than working on your own.

Gabriel has been in the second Group critic for the environment since October 2022 and will be soon 33 years old. He said he went into politics to change things about the environment and for the kids.

He started in politics when he was 27 years old, and he said that he was judged by older people with more experience, but he did not listen and he trusted himself.

He won the Mammouth price and he took it as a mark of trust since the price was given by the children.

There are worries by the government that Gabriel came to school to promote his campaign, but he assures he is not. “I’m going to talk about the importance of civic engagement, the importance of committing to the environment and explaining to them a bit about how democracy works. Would you mind telling me what the problem is?”

He talked about his young life, how he became popular, and the movements he led with different people to save the environment.

The conference will be broadcast on TV, on Télé-Québec, so the silence was asked in the Salle Guy-Bédard, where there were only secondary four.

People were respectful and were listening with attention, maybe since there were cameras everywhere.

In the end, there was a time for students to ask questions to M. Nadeau, and people were excited since the cameras were on them. They took the mic and approximately four people asked Gabriel questions. He loves to talk with the students and he is friendly. He also talked with Jader about the environment committee before the conference.

The key to winning the fight against the environment is to work together and help each other, to create a society that raises awareness among the population of all ages.

“We should all be happy, when it is time to choose people who inspired them, choose political figures, not just TV stars,” said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.