The Different Committee Of La Camaradière


Kelly-Ann Côte, Graphic artist

The graduating students of La Camaradière have the chance to participate in various committees to help the school with the prom’s preparations.

The Album Committee

Allowing the students to keep a fresh memory of their high school years, this committee aims to create an album that reflects the activity, the school outings, or the special days such as Halloween or Christmas that the students experienced during school. The teenagers participating in this project need to take pictures throughout the year and they also design the special book. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the members of the committee can be called upon to do work during their free time.

Ring And Photo Committee

You probably already knew it but rings are offered to secondary 5 students, so if you want to be sure to find a model that interests you, register in this committee. In addition, they will be involved in the photo-taking process in many different ways. The students will take care of the sale of the rings and will help their classmates with their purchases.

The Prom Committee

Finissants - École secondaire - La Camaradière


The people interested in programming the most special day that all secondary 5 are waiting for, can volunteer to organize this big occasion. The goal is to look a the logistic of the event to ensure that the students will have easy access to the venue. Quite important decisions will also be made, in particular regarding cocktails, music, decors, costs, the sale of the cards, and the research of sponsors.




It is important to mention that all these committees can only be joined by secondary 5 students and each person can only participate in one.

People usually think that only secondary 5 students are excited for prom but even the 15 years old, who happen to be in their third year can’t wait for this big day. ”I’ve been looking forward to prom for years! I am really impatient to take pictures and make memories with my friends,” said Abie Francoeur, a student from La Camaradière. Isa-ève St-Martin also accepted to tell her thoughts about prom, ”I can’t wait to go shopping for my prom dress, I’ve been dreaming about this moment since I was little.”