Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

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Born to be Known

Félix Alexandre Collin

In the world of music, talent can take you far. And for one teenage boy, his vocal and guitar talent has catapulted him to newfound fame.


At just 17 years old, Félix Alexandre Collin is slowly getting known in the music industry. He began playing the guitar at 12 and has never stopped perfecting his skills.  About seven months ago, he also discovered his aptitude for singing.

It all started when he posted videos of his performance on social media. His soothing voice paired with his masterful guitar skills has garnered him a loyal following of  23 930 fans on TikTok. They can’t get enough of his soulful performances  with covers of popular, Quebec and mostly country songs,

Soon enough, he started to record his music. Thanks to his sister’s friend, he was able to access a recording studio in Montreal, where he recorded his first two songs: ‘’See Who I Am’’ and ‘’Back Home’’.

You can listen to them either on Spotify or on every other platform. His new song called ‘’Boots and Drinks’’ will be released on June 7th.

The encouragement of his family was a boost in his musical journey. “I’m grateful for my mother and sister and the support they gave me.” said Félix Alexandre during an interview.

As a member of our school community, Collin participates in the musical life at school by performing at events like the Hockey Gala. His passion for the guitar shines through in every note he plays, captivating his audience with each performance.

The young man would like to become a musician and move to L.A. He believes that Los Angeles, the city of stars, is the perfect place to pursue his dreams and make a name for himself in the music industry. Despite facing obstacles and doubts from others, Félix Alexandre remains determined to follow his passion and achieve success. With his passion and dedication, he has the necessary tools to make his dream a reality. 

As he continues his debut in the music world, one thing is certain – Félix Alexandre Collin is a name we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to captivate audiences with his infectious melodies and undeniable talent.



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