Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

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Hockey Gala


The hockey concentration is now receiving more recognition.


On May 23rd the school organized a special gala for the first time in history for the hockey players.

During the evening prizes were given to different players in all six teams. There was a total of five categories and twenty-five recipients.

The first category was “L’acharné” It was given to the players who have stood out with their constant efforts both at the academic and sporting levels. “Un acharné” is a student who never gives up no matter the situation, the result, and the effort required.

The second category was “Le cerveau” This was awarded to the best performers at school, without forgetting that they were also recognized for their intelligence in the game, their understanding of strategies, and their vision of the game.

The third category called “Le performant” is to reward the most efficient players on each team, this type of player is one who excels in all aspects of hockey, in training, games, mental and physical preparation, and that has a good attitude.

For all these categories three people were nominated in each team and only one has received the award.

The fourth one was “Le mur” This one was given to the goalkeepers who stood out the most during the 2023-2024 season. One goalkeeper in both two cycles won.

The fifth category was “Le tatoué” It was rewarded to the student-athletes who feel a sense of belonging and are proud of their program. The ones that have “Les Éperviers” tattooed on the heart. Once again only one person in each cycle has won.

The final and best prize was $200 in cash. The three players who won this award showed dedication throughout the year, had a remarkable season, and put in a lot of effort.

In addition to congratulating the recipients, the gala was also held to honor the seniors of the 2023-2024 school year and celebrate their journey and graduation.

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