Internet Addiction

Audrey Tremblay, author

Internet.  We all know this word.  It’s everywhere in our life, but is it a good thing?

Every children, teenagers, and adults loves internet.  We all go on it. Some of us can control their self, but some other use it so much than they become addict to this big network.  And it’s very hard to overcome an addiction to something.

In my family, I know someone very addict to his computer.  When he has the opportunity to play, he goes.  It’s like if he never had a minute to loss.  But, I’m worry about it because he lost the laps of time, so he is almost never hungry.  I’m scared about it because I hear at the radio than a kid, 11 year old, died playing to much time on Internet.  I am not a parent, but I think they are very tired at the end of the day to play games with their children.  So, to relax, they just give them Internet and the children are happy.  So, it is perfect for both.

But, it’s when the addiction starts.  When we’re kid, our parents can control yourself. But when we become teenager and adult, it’s harder to tell us to stop and to go play outside or other thing like that. Isolation is the main consequence to this big problem.  They speak less, and they chatting more.  They go outside less, but they go more on Facebook.

There are a lot of consequence due to isolation. One study with mice subjects found that isolation could increase cancerous tumor growth.  Another study found that isolation is a risk factor for disease on par with smoking and obesity.  The principal physical consequence are the following: backache, headaches, weight gain or loss, disturbances in sleep, blurred or strained vision, etc.  All these problems touch a lot of people in our world. It’s time to control us.

Although there’re a lot of positive aspect, Internet still bad for the human health. In conclusion, I think Internet is bad because a lot of people that cannot control their self and it’s almost always become an addiction.