Capital Punishment in Canada


Shawn Rochette and Anika Dignard



Lets bring back the fear! Should the death sentence be reinstated in Canada? Of course it should. In our days, criminology is way more developed then in the old years, we would save a lot of money and death is what most of the criminals fear.


In the first place, criminology is way more developed then the past years. When the capital  punishment was removed, people couldn’t be sure if the damned was really guilty or if he was innocent. Now, with science improvement and DNA analysis, the prosecuting attorney can be sure at 100% that the culprit is the right one. With this certification, the Crown Prosecutor will never give a death sentence to innocent people because they weren’t able to find the murderer. Hundreds of people got killed because of this simple mistake. But, as i said, we improved our science and mistakes are way rarer, so we won’t kill innocent people.


Secondly,  we would save a lot of money on long rate of time. We pay approximately 47 100$ for one inmate every years so if we slay them we could save cash, because it’s less expensive to execute them. On a long period of time, the cost of many prisoners per years is very elevate, but we won’t kill every inmate, we would only kill them if they had murder someone or another similar case.  The building in which we would slay those condammed would need employees, so it could create jobs for the country.     


Finally, death is what criminals fear the most. The notion of death is a natural fear for us, human. As professor Hugo Adam Bedau said: “No one likes to die.” With capital punishment instated the homicide rate would decrease as the murderer fear increase. Scared of death, numbers of killers wouldn’t kill if they were going to get sacrifice after that. For example, Bundy (serial killer, rapist, kidnapper and necrophiliac) tried with all the possible issues to defend himself by saying that it was pornography’s fault, he was scared of death.   


In brief, the capital punishment should be reinstated in Canada, because of science improvement, saving a lot of money and because killers fear the death penalty. Do you think the Death penalty should come back in Canada?