To complain or not to complain?

To complain or not to complain?

Sarah-Jeanne Légaré , Editor


Sometimes, the things we do affect us more than we may think. Even if it’s your own words, you’re influencing your mind to something harmful to your inner peace and happiness. Two things everyone should reach. Not only will it affect you, but others too. We all complain, but should it be a normal thing? Are we using complaining excessively? Yes. People do complain too much. Let’s talk about the impacts on yourself, the impacts on others and how to work your way up to the inner peace.

First, the impact on yourself. By complaining, you bring your mind to the negative side of everything. Days after days, you become used to wear these dark glasses and by now this greyish color is on what was yellow, pink or blue before. You pollute your own environment. Even if the most positive thing you could wish for happens, it’ll feel like nothing. A rainbow? ”Argh, can’t it only be sunny? Why is it raining?” Birds singing in the early morning? ”Don’t be so loud, I want to sleep.” Feeling like your opinion is worth it? ”Oh, look at her dress, how ugly is it on her. I think she’s too fat for it.” No one is forcing you to think and say it aloud. You tought about it and you thought about the words coming out of your mouth, and you did it. You ruined some things, who could have been beautiful. You just made your head go there. Did you enjoy your day? Ask you this question. Probably not. You didn’t enjoy the colors up in the sky and the music the rain was playing for you. You didn’t enjoy the birds talking to you. You didn’t even liked the image of this female human being enjoying her body type in a cute dress. Your life is made of days, and those days are made of simple things. How can you enjoy your life by yourself, if you don’t enjoy what is making it worth living?

Second, the impact on others. When you speak, you make what you think reach other people’s minds. Your friend, to who you made the remark on the girl with a dress, maybe hadn’t notice what you did before you pointed it out. By now, your friend only see a garbage can with belly rolls, because you created this negative image into his head too. You polluted his environment. Do your friends like the grumpy attitude you put on as a jacket every morning? Can they live around someone bringing them down all year long? In the end, this unecessary negativity, will push away all your friends. If you have difficulty to be hasppy surrounded, imagine on your own. Also, you will blocked them from happiness. ”Oh look, they’re so cute together!” ”Ugh, when will they stop licking each others faces?” You just killed a vibe. Your friend enjoying love is now enjoying distant people, because you made them notice how gross it looks when people kiss passionately. While your friend is with you, he cannot appreciate his life. With negativity, you build walls around you, and they are blocking the way to others too.

Third, how to reach happiness or inner peace. To be happy, you have to let go of everything bugging you. This boy making you feel miserable, this girl talking behind your back, the fact that you may need braces and how it will look terrifying on you, your mom stressed-out for nothing. Let go. Don’t take anything on your back. At first, it will feel fake, because you are not used to it. To respond to someone mean ”I’m sorry you are feeling this way” when you have the best come back, may be tough at first, but fake it until you make it. To stop worrying about what people think of you, to stop laughing at others people, to stop over-complicating simple situations, to stop being rude, when it’s part of your daily basis, is hard. You have to learn about what you do wrong and what you do best, and work on it. Be the best you can be, and life will give you back. Yes, bad days happen. It’s not about everything being always pink, it’s about you making it the tint you want it to be. It’s about the shade of pink you want your morning to be. It’s about who makes you feel great, and to be sorry (if you can) for the ones who tarnish their lifes. You control the vibes. Enjoy every little part of your existence. You have to feel what is surrounding you. Dance in your bedroom all alone. Dye your hair a different color. Join a club. Sing in your shower. Learn things. Be cultivated. Buy some flowers to your dad. Cook your mom’s lunch. Go learn how to skate. Go outside when it rains. Eat this cookie dough ice cream in your fridge without giving attention to your belly, because… you’re not gonna get fat of happiness, are you? You also have to know yourself. What do you need? If you need calm, give you alone time. If you need to move around, save time to go for a run. To be healthy, you need to treat yourself the right way, and if you are in a rough situation, you’re having a blues or you just feel angry about something, think about this : I’m a mountain. The rest, it’s all clouds. Everything is ephemeral. Nothing lasts, and it’s gonna be alright. Breathe.

Now that you know what it is for you and for others and how to be your best, go ahead.  Couverture FB