A Battery With a Bang


William Dion and Charlie Michaud

Cellphones are part of our daily life. Samsung has released it’s latest model on August 19, the Galaxy Note 7, but because of battery issues the phone may explode. A massive recall is underway.

In just one month, about 2.5 million phones were manufactured. But since October 13, the company has recalled and stopped all sales of the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. According to experts, the battery was poorly constructed. There simply isn’t enough space between the negative and the positive poles. The gap may become the shortest route for electricity to travel, causing an overload and becoming a huge risk.

In less than 2 months, the phone has caused many accidents including several burns and even putting cars on fire. This device is putting lives at risk. Be advised that the company isn’t paying for any damage that will or has already been caused by the faulty phone.

A 6 year old boy from New York has been burn while watching videos on his handset. The fire alarms alerted his grandmother who called 911.

“He doesn’t want to see or go near any phone…” said Linda Lewis, his grandmother.

So if you already bought a Galaxy Note 7. Please return it as soon as possible for a refund or to trade it for a Galaxy S7, Before more accident occur.