Millions of Dollars Invested in School Expansion


Since September 22nd, in Duberger, a 9.7 million dollars project is under development. The 3 196m square extension will open its doors on August 29th for the school year 2017-2018.

The city of Quebec and the Commission scolaire de la Capitale had a partnership to make this project come true. Denis Bouchard is the architect who made the plans and designed the new part of the school.

The adding area will measure 3 196m square (on two floor), adding 18 classes and rooms, and the landing stage for buses will be extended. In every class, interactive board will be added to facilitate students’s education. Many microwaves will be added, for students to eat warm lunches. The oldest part of the school (the roof and the front entrance) and all the washrooms will be renovated. The project will generate around 25 jobs.

A brand new playground will be built for students to have more fun during their breaks and the mound will be moved somewhere else on the school field. For the teachers that have cars, there will be a bigger parking lot and it will keep the same location.