Strange addictions

Nowadays, teenagers develop strange addictions such as dabbing and flipping the bottle. Those are like short time fashions.

You may have seen some people doing weird moves with their arms. It is really popular these days.  It is called Dabbing and has been created by a soccer player of the Juventus FC.

Paul Pogba has adopted the dabbing celebration last season, after he has scored a goal. Since that time, hip-hop dancers, kids, teens and even adults have started to dab everywhere.

Another strange addiction called “flipping the bottle” is also famous around the world. Its Creator has done this unusual prowess during a senior talent show in the United-States. After the talent show, many students started  posting their bottle flip on many media platforms.

Today, flipping the bottle is known by  people of all age. Many other videos became viral as people increased the level of difficulty by landing on the cap or landing on smaller objects. Who knows what’s next…


There is also a weird Japanese song that is pretty popular these times. In the song, he’s telling about putting a pen in an apple and in a pineapple. The song has been put in the Guiness World Record  2017 for the most seen short movie on the internet with 148 618 539 views in only one month.