Battlefield 1

It’s on october 21st of 2016 that EA Dice released Battlefield 1 all around the world.  The game can be played on Ps4, Xbox one and Pc.

The game won the award of the best action game from 2016 and was nominated in four other categories.  That’s surprising compared to the number of sales up to date.  Nearly one million copies were sold globally and EA expects to sell fourteen million digital and physicals versions of the game.

Like all the other battlefield, that one is a first person shooter game.  Occurring during world war 1 in Europe, the guns, vehicles and the action really recreates the atmosphere from about a hundred years ago.  Six campaigns of one hour each are available for all players.  There’s also a multiplayer mode which can host up to 64 players at a time.

The game costs 79,99 Canadian dollars and can be bought online or in store.

Have fun playing the game!