New Network!


Philippe Champoux and Laurent Cadoret

After interviewing our school technician Marc-André and Francis Bélanger our principal, we have learned some new information about the network down situation at la Camaradière.

As everybody knows, all the institutions of our school board  have had network problems for about a month.

The problem is now mostly behind us. First of all, people should know that we share our internet access with Les Écrivains, Sainte-Monique and du Buisson schools. furthermore, Most students logged in with the same username which made the Internet connection slow down and even crash. “During lunch and pauses, the usage of wi-fi was too high mainly because of videos that use large amounts of data, which made the internet crash” explained Mr.Françis Bélanger.

To counter this problem, another wifi access was created. It is called “CSC-Eleves” (which you may have encountered when attempting to connect)

This network was created exclusively for students, but expect it to be a little slower. It will be used across all the 75 schools of our school board, but it should be less buggy. “The last one was made for visitors and trainees to access their documents, not for students to make their cookie jam.” Said Marc-André Dumont.

For now, students can access internet by entering their “” email address and their file number, but if you have already logged in on the portail it will be your usual password.

CSC-Eleves will be fully functional in about a month. It is a long process since every hotspot has to be reconfigured manually and there are 18 in our school only.

For now, you can still connect to the new network with the following password, but you may see that the connection is not secured. It is your choice to use it or not.

Username: eleves

Password: PAair12$