A man of a great respect

A man of a great respect

William Dion

On January 20th 2009, Obama swore in front of 2 million people while millions watched him on TV. He was officially the 44th president of the United State of America.

Born in 1961, Barack Obama has been a real example for the world. First, after he finished his college study, he went to Columbia University in New-York. He achieved a bachelor of Arts in political science with a specialty in international relations. He also went to Harvard University and left with a Honorary mention. In 2009, He was the first black president of the United States and one of the most popular one according to many surveys.

He has been the most powerful man on earth for 8 years because he was reelected in 2012 with 332 voices against 206.

In his eight years, he did a lot of contributions and sacrifice for his country by adding laws, taxes and others regulation to help his country out of the economical crisis.

First of all, he built a program which was the economic stimulus plan for the United States, of nearly 780 billions to save 3 to 4 millions of employment and to help their economic situation. He also reformed the american health system by obligating people to get an insurance and to give subsidies to families in need. He won the reform by a margin of 7 votes. In total, 940 billions dollars were spend in ten years.

The president raised the minimal salary to lower the taxes. He also wanted to renegotiate the free market in North America to kick start the economy.

He also accepted the fact of two person of the same sex could live as a couple. So in 2012, he finally authorized the homosexual wedding. The first president to do it.

On the very end of his career as president, at his last supper of the WHCA (White House Correspondents Association) the president was saying jokes for the last time and seemed as usual at ease. So he said a lot of gag and at the end of his farewell speech, he said: ”Obama out” and dropped the mic. That was an allusion to Kobe Bryant when he retired and said: ”Mamba out”, because he’s a great fan of basketball. He has been one of the greatest president.

(Reporting by William Dion ; Editing by Thomas Bouchard)