Equipments for Photography Lovers

Anika Dignard, Author

Are you bored with your plain camera? Here’s a list of accessories that might help you to begin in the world of photography.

If you need to make sure that your camera is correctly level  , here is the perfect accessorie for that.It is called the Levels camera cube. You just need to align the bubbles and there you go , a perfectly level photo. It is available on amazon for the cost of 9.63$ in total (link).

No one likes to have a reflection in their lens and some backlight. Here is the Cloak Bag. It is a bag that goes around the camera and it removes any reflection plus it protects the camera from falling. It costs about 49.00$ and it’s available at

SELFIE TIME!!! Want to take a group selfie but not everybody fits in the screen. Here is the Muku Shutter remote. You can take pictures from up to 30 feet away. It is compatible with  Iphone and Android phones. It is 40.00$ and it’s available on amazon.(Link)

You desire to take a high quality photo with your phone. The Photojojo Lens Series can do that for you. You can take macro pictures with your phone. It is compatible with Apple and Android device. It is avaible on Photojojo and you can select a kit or individual lenses. The prices range is between 20$ to 115$(Link).

You are more of a night shooting person, here is the Bokeh kit . It is disks that you put over your camera lens and it forms shapes like hearts or stars.You have three kits to choose from. The best kit is the Masters kit special. It contains 5 classic disks ,16 lasers-cut disks, 8 uncut disks to customize, a disk holder and a disk wallet. It cost 25$ at the moment(Link).

Hope that this list might help you with your research of the perfect pictures and maybe this will help you become a better photographer.