Drones in Quebec


William Poitras

Quebec is developing a network of drones to coordinate emergency measures. The company EXO Tactik will  work in collaboration with the city for this project. 

The City of Quebec is going to invest 160 000$ for the project. EXO Tacktik will will also inject 120 000$ for these tests. This experiment will most probably last 2 years. The project will be named EXO Air Support RISCemergency response. “This is the first time in Canada that a city develops a project of this scale with drones” says Stéphane Bouvier, President of the company. But the question is: why drones? “We use drones because with them, we have an aerial view of a scene that helps the emergency services to take the best decisions possible” he added. “This is the first time in Canada that a city is trying to incorporate drones in their emergency measure plan.”

The police, the fire department, and the Civil Protection have already identified several types of intervention which would require air support. The challenge of Exo Tactik  is to prove that the use of a drone or an aerostat (balloon) will improve the response time to emergencies.

According to Mr. Bouvier, it’s not an experimentation process but mostly a demonstration. The project is not limited to the use of drones. It also integrates communication systems and other technologies, to collect information quickly and reliably. The use of these technologies could extend to city services, that are not related to civil security.