5 Tips to Look Like a Pro Volleyball Player

Amy Boulet

Playing volleyball without  knee pads, with wearing  make up and being dressed as a princess .. Is not advisable. Get the volleyball proper professional equipment and act like a pro. You need to play your best. These 5 tips will help you not to look like an amateur.


 1) If you play indoor volleyball,  girls please, wear spandex!

Do not wear long pants, like Adidas or leggings, it’s too hot in a gymnasium. You cannot put your knee pads, it’s too tight. If you dive,  you will probably shred your pants. The professional players wear spandex, they cannot break them and it’s not hot. An advantage that may also attract boys 😉

2) Buy a pair of volleyball shoes!

It is correct to wear normal sports shoes but it does not look professional. Buy the most colorful you can find, and you will get noticed. The flashier your shoes are, the better people will think you are! Do not hesitate to put on  long socks, otherwise your ankles will look naked.

3) Wrap your fingers with tape

It is not necessarily to protect a wound, or to prevent an injury . Watch The Olympics and you will see that they all-have-tape-on-their-fingers. Tape is cool, you look more professional. But beware, do not wrap all of your hand. You are not a boxer either. If someone asks you what happened to your fingers…just  find an excuse or a false injury. Remember that tapes also comes in various colors.


I’m sure you are not the only one who struggles with this. It’s hard to understand how girls jump, dive, run, without getting messing up their hair. If it’s a problem for you, just put on a headband..It gives style and you are certain that you hair will stay sharp.

5) Cheering on tournaments

The main goal of a tournament is to win, but also to have fun. Every team has  a routine before playing games or during games… Team shout, perform a dance, or share a special snack etc.. The best is to create the best celebration to destabilize your opponents. As an example, the Rouge et Or players, have a team shout as they jump in a circle. This cheer attracts attention of their adversaries and excites the crowd.

Hopefully, these little tricks will help you to believe in yourself and make a better player out of you.