Types of Girls on Their Period!

Catherine Drapeau

Boys will never fully understand girls, we are so different. It is not enough for girls to give birth, we need to deal with periods once a month. Boys will never know what it is like to have periods. All girls are different, but the thing that we all agree on is that it is never pleasant for anyone. Here are the 6 main types of girls on their week.


1- The crying one

this girl is always crying or  always feel the need to cry, but she doesn’t know why. If she sees a cute dog she is going to shed tears, if there is no more Nutella she will also cry. When she is crying she is asking herself: ” why am I crying?” and the answer is ” I don’t know why.”

2- The angry one

Beware of her, she may be dangerous… You don’t want to hang out with her, because every single little thing will make her angry. Do not stay in her vicinity because she might punch you just because you are breathing.

3-The fetus

This girl is the one that miss a lot of school because of her cramps. You would be sure to find her curled in a ball in a dark room. she can’t even sleep because it hurts too much, so going to school is quite impossible.

4-The over sensitive

On her period, the boobs of the over sensitive hurt! You can recognize her by the way her hand are always in a defensive position over her breast. Any collision could be fatal for the unlucky fool who rammed into her. No need to mention that she is not going to do jogging on such days.

5- Food carver

If she is a food carvers, she is  always hungry. Doesn’t matter if she is more of the sweet or the salty type, she needs food. The most popular thing that girls want when they are on their period is  chocolate. It has been proved that this sweet snack helps to decrease the pain of the cramps.


6- all of the above

the all of the above is a mix between the crying one, the angry one, the fetus, the over sensitive and the food carver. she is the worst. If your girlfriend is one of this type be careful she will always be contradicting herself, be patient and kind.