Potential threat from the other side


William Dion

Since Trump is president, the relation with North Korea is getting worst and worst each day. They are testing nuclear weapons which are aren’t allowed because of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-ban Treaty.

Before Trump was elected, there was already some tensions with countries but manly North Korea. But since Trump got elected, it got worse than ever. They are preparing and testing some nuclear weapons for a war that may happen sooner than we think.

In 1996, 71 countries signed for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which was to stop nuclear tests and ban nuclear bombs from wars. Some countries did nuclear tests but not has many has North Korea.

North Korea did 6 nuclear tests since 2006. The last one was on September 9 2016. All of their tests were in Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, a underground site to try their weapons. Not long ago, they put more debris to do another test. Scientists that observed it said that it could withstand a nuclear bomb 20 times stronger than Hiroshima, the strongest nuclear bomb ever detonated.

Only this year, six ballistic missile were lunched by North Korea. On May 14, a seventh ballistic missile test occurred. The missile flew for about 30 minutes covering a distance of 700 km and altitude of 2000 km. They think that this missile could have reached the United States if they had wanted to.

So North Korea is a potential threat if a war ever begins. The United States are on their guards in case they are attacked.

(Written by William Dion and edited by Jacob Boulay)