Father Tries to Free Son From Videogames


Audrey Tremblay, author

This summer, the people that drove on the Saint-Anne boulevard, were surprised when they saw a weird craft floating on the river. This unconventional boat was built by Castonguay to take his 13 years old son away from playing Videogames. He called it “La Chose”.

His artisanal boat can resist to 45 km/h wind and it’s 19 feet long.  It is propelled by a 4,5 hp engine.  It is enough to deal with the wind and strong currents.  “La Chose” cost 5000$ for its construction only.

When this water lover finished to build this amazing boat, his son and him did an Orleans island tour. It took around fifteen hour and they did it just for pleasure.  After passing all his summer on the thing, this truck driver decided to sell his house to live on his boat during all the year, including winter.  His intention is to install the thing on the ice bank and use it as a ice fishing boat.

So, if you pass on Saint-Anne boulevard, take a look on the river.  You should see something strange…