False Alarm!


Sephora Ake, Fernanda Zeve, and Chelsia Kamdem

Friday, September 22nd, a student accidentally set off the fire alarm at La Camaradière forcing 1250 students and staff to evacuate.

It was 3:40 p.m when the unexpected happened. Students were quietly working in class at the last period when the alarm was triggered. “When I heard the fire alarm, I thought that the school was burning and I was happy.” said Jade, a sec. 3 student.

It was a shock for everyone since there had been an exercise earlier in the week.

The principal of the secondary 3 students, Annie Saint-Pierre said that the whole school had to evacuate immediately and the firefighters came as fast as they could. “It wasn’t an exercise so we were more worried about the situation.” said the principal.

Apparently the alarm sounded on two occasions and was the result of a prank made by a student. Unfortunately for him, the perpetrator got caught and had to apologize to all the school in Monday morning’s announcements.

Even though there wasn’t a real fire, this helped the administration to see if everybody could get out quickly. “I felt really stressed about it but at least we know now if everybody follows the procedure.” said the principal.

The students weren’t so affected by the situation. But some students were scared when they saw the firefighters.  This was a first time for everybody in the institution.


Written by Sephora Ake, Fernanda Zeve, Chelsia Kamdem; Editing by Natalia Valero and Olivier Mercier.