VPNs and Torrents good or bad?

Zackary G Tremblay

Not long ago, we did an article talking about a new way for hackers to attack your wifi hotspot. Now, let’s see how vpn’s can protect you from hackers.

VPNs are used as an extension of a public network to a private network hosted by the company who made the VPN. It makes you Anonymous on the internet by changing your Ip Adress (Every device has one). Most people use it to go on sites while being unseen or to download torrents.

There is a bunch of VPNs out there and there is some that will fail to keep you safe. Some are just there to scam people and are filled with viruses. Others steal the data you use while using the VPN and sell it back online. Some cost money to subscribe and some are free but with a data limit or with publicities. The most common free VPNs are Cyberghost and Hotspot Shield. These two, however, have a data limit. While the mobile version of Hotspot Shield has publicities in it. It is more recommended to use one of these two if you need a free option for getting a VPN.

What are Torrents?

Torrents are files that can be downloaded with a special software. This software downloads the data (torrent file) from a torrent site. These kinds of software aren’t really hard to find and most of them are free.

How does it work?

When you run the torrent file with your software, it is going to start downloading the data you want to get from a guy who has uploaded the torrent file on the site. You’ll be able to see how much data he uploads per second and how much you download per second. From this step, it is pretty much like a normal download.

Is every torrent site safe?

Not every one of these sites is safe. Some of them are just scamming sites that steal data. Even though the site can be safe, some of the torrent files can contain viruses. If you have an anti-virus, it may not be a big problem but it could still damage some of the devices you use on an everyday basis.

What can you get from torrents?

You can pretty much download games, Movies, software and pretty much anything else really. REMEMBER THAT THIS METHOD IS ILLEGAL. (use it at your own risks)­. A lot of people got arrested for copyrights or fraud by using this method. 


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(Written By: Zackary G Tremblay; edited by: Lauralie Grenon, Alexis Champoux)