PNT dance compagny at San Diego

Genevieve Bonelly, author

Last august, PNT dance company, a dance crew from Quebec city, went to San Diego to represent the Canada at the World Hip Hop Championship 2015. They came back heads up proud of their performance with the 11th place.

World Hip Hop International

The World Hip Hop International, which is the most enjoyed dance event on the world. It’s a dance competition which can be compared to the Olympics for dance. To be part of the World Hip Hop Championship you have to win the regional and the national of your country. There are 4 divisions: Mega crew (15-40 crew members, all ages),  Adult (18+), Varsity, (13-17), Junior (7-12). Every year, millions of people from over 50 nations, come for support their country. The ambiance who’s create on the room’ s show with the dancers and the spectators screaming and encouraging teams, just make you want to get up and go dance on the stage!

The Hip Hop Dance Championships will return to Las Vegas for 2016.

PNT crew

PNT crew is composed by many talented dancers and are part of the adult division. Some of them have been dancing since the age of 10. Also some of the PNT’s dancers had the chance to dance in movies like Step up 5. Also they are dancing in some dance in Just Dance 2016 and on the Black Eyes Peace experience for Wii. dance with celebrity such as Marie-Mai and many others. PNT is a crew form the Studio Party Time, a dance studio in Quebec city. Along with the company 360 movements by minute, they realized two video clips and a show called ”Hotel” which was presented at the Capitol. What’s the secret of their success? PASSION and HARD WORK! Every dancer is specialized on a different style and that’s why they are an amazing crew. Every one is bringing his or her personal touch. They’re all working hard for be ready for the next big competition and to go back to the World Hip Hop International 2016!

Which them gook luck!