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Day 1, Advent Calendar: Christmas Movie Time!

Annie Létourneau

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It is the time of the year when we start listening to Christmas movies. So, here are some suggestions for you. 

Let’s see the TOP 5 of the best and popular holidays classic :

1. Miracle of the 34th street 

First of all, it was originally called The Big Heart. This movie is a nearly 70 years go-to holiday classic. Did you know that they filmed the scene in Macy’s and Gimbels and used their names without the acquiescence of the two big businesses, first? They got their agreement only after they were done the filming.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

It became a holiday classic instinctively. The inspiration came from a short story called “Christmas ‘59”.While the production budget was only $27 million, the movie earned more than $70 million dollars. For the decoration, outside on the house, they used 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights. That’s a lot! Interesting fact; this motion picture is called Christmas Vacation, but they never make it to Christmas. It ends on Christmas Eve. Have you ever noticed this little detail?

3. Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens is the author of this classic Disney story which was first published in a book. It appeared in 1843. He was the first famous writer to give a public reading of his own work in front of a crowd. He did it with 2 000 people. How popular was it? First, when Christmas Carol hit the stores, they sold out in three days. Fast ! Second, it has more than 20 alternate versions of the authentic movie from 2009: The Muppets, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, etc. Finally, the moral of the movie is: “ To live our lives in a way that benefits others as well as ourselves”. 

4. Home Alone

The idea of this iconic movie came to John Hughes during the making of Uncle Buck where Macaulay Culkin played it too. Home Alone is a Guinness World Record holder. Do you know why? While his opening weekend, it topped the box office by gaining $17,081,997 in 1202 theaters. WOW ! It is actually recognized as the highest-grossing live-action comedy ever domestically. Did you know that you can actually visit the McCallister’s home? Yes, you read it right. If you’re going to 617 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois, you will see it.

5. The Grinch

In the book, the original Grinch is black and white with pink eyes, He changed when it came to doing the live-action movie to be the green one we all know. This fabulous movie was a lot of work for the makeup artist. First, Jim Carrey, the actor playing the Grinch, spent in total 92 days in his character makeup. Two hours and a half in the morning to put on and one hour in the evening to put off. Secondly, since The Wizard of Oz in 1939, it is the movie with so many characters, including extras too, to wear such complex stage makeup. Finally, those artists were rewarded by winning the 2000 Academy Award for the best Makeup. Did you know that the movie includes Cirque du Soleil‘s performers for the acrobatic stunts? True, because did you really think that the actors were all that flexible?


Writing by: Annie Létourneau

Editing by: Maria Pena B.

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    Day 1, Advent Calendar: Christmas Movie Time!