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Red carpet at la Camaradière

Élodie Vallières, Léa Pelletier

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In the last week of November, Red Carpet store came to our school to give secondary five girls some advice about the prom that is coming soon.

We all know that the prom is one of the biggest night of our teenage life. For most girls, it’s really strestfull  to find the perfect dress. It is also a big period for the parents. They have to spend a lot of money for the dress, the limousine, the album and much more.

“I didn’t buy my dress yet, but already took an appointment to shop it.  Well, it makes me nervous because I wait until a long time for this night and I want it to be perfect”, said Sarah Patry, a student of secondary 5

To help the students for the prom, the school decided to invite a dress compagny to give advice and to calm their anxiety about the prom.

“I really appreciate the experience and it really help me to find the perfect model of dress that I want. Now, i know where and when to take an appointment”, said Maude Légaré, a student of secondary 5

Red Carpet is a Québec compagny which owns more than 1500 dresses for  great occasions. The conference let us know that the appointments are totally free.  So, it is a great oppurtinity  for girls who are looking their prom dresses. They assure that, once you buy yours, nobody is gonna be able to get the same as you. The compagny also pay attention to the well-being of the client. So , they stay with you  until they are certain that you are satistied of your choice.

“At this time of the year, it is the best time for you to start looking for the perfect dress”, said one of the woman presents from the conference.

Finaly, the trend for the dresses are mermaid, short, law or princess shape.Then, for 2018, the popular colors are green, dark blue or burgundy. The least expensive dress is $150 and the most expensive is $1000 but it’s really rare.

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    Red carpet at la Camaradière