New Sport Team For La Camaradière



This year, a new sport team is offered to the students of La Camaradière school.

   There’s a new sport team at La Camaradière school: the cheerleading team. Alicia Patry and Enrick Fortier, members of the Phoenix cheerleading team and old students of La Camaradière, are the ones who created it.

   There is not many people on the team for now, so if you want to join it, you still can. It costs 80$ for the 20 practices, but since a few practices have already been held, there will be a deduction on the price if you get in the team. The practices are every Friday from 16:15 to 18:15 in the school, at l’Académie.

  For those who don’t know much about cheerleading, here are some informations. Contrary to some beliefs, boys can be part of a cheerleading team. Cheerleading is a team sport that combines stunts, jumps, choreography and gymnastics.

   Usually, there are many squads of 4-5 people in a team. In a squad, there is a flyer, two bases, a backspot and sometimes a frontspot. The flyer is the one that is held or thrown in the air, while the bases are the one who will lift her up. The backspot will help the bases lifting the flyer, but will mainly make sure the stunt is stable and that the flyer doesn’t fall. You need to trust the people in your squad, or the risk of the flyer falling will increase.

   If you were wondering, the cheerleading team won’t participate to competitions this year, but the coaches plan on making the team competitive. “Next year there’s a competition” said Enrick Fortier, coach of the cheerleading team. Alicia Patry, coach of the cheerleading team, added “Even if it’s just a small one”. The coaches are highly motivated to make the school team competitive. Of course, it would be inter-school competitions.


Written by : Jessica Turmel

Edited by : Julia Labbé, Évelyne Tremblay, Madeline Ratté and Laurie Pronovost