A new suspicious substance in Quebec

A new suspicious substance in Quebec

A 21-year-old man has been arrested for drug possession which is not really known by the authorities in Thetford Mines, on November 16th 2018.

Isaac Labrecque was at his home, in Beauce, when the police officers came in and arrested him for possession of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT),12 grams of ecstasy, magic mushrooms and GHB. These four types of drug are illegal, but one of them is more particular than the others.

People in Quebec have just started taking this drug which is Dimethyltryptamine. Although, it is really popular in the west of the United States and in Europe too. This illegal substance apparently produces a feeling of an astral projection, the effect of the spirit leaving the body.

According to experts, the sensation is really fast. In less than 15 minutes, you can feel the experience. Aliens, creatures and black holes are examples of what people see after taking this drug.

‘’We have the impression that our spirit leaves our body’’, said Claude Rouillard,a psychiatric and neurosciences teacher at Laval University.

DMT can be really powerful mixed with other drug like cocaine. Important anxiety and scary hallucinations are the main consequences.

Health Canada is right now studying this drug, but experts agree that this substance can be a real danger for people with mental problems.

This substance is issued from plants like the Chacruna and Jurema-preta ones. Dimethyltryptamine has been used for centuries. It was first used for shamanic rituals. So, the first consumers were autochthons.

Today the use is really different. People take it in a recreational way. You can have the effects of DMT by sniffing, smoking or injecting it. Some of these ways to take this drug have to be mixed with other illegal substances and that is dangerous.

The appearance of this thing in our province would be the result by someone who ordered some by Internet. You can’t find some directly in Quebec.

« It’s rare that we find this here. It is an hallucinogenic that we have known for a long time. It would surprised me if it is from a criminal organization. It is the first time that I hear this in Quebec » said mister Rouillard.

Written by: Vickie Collin

Editing by: Lola Pearl O’Grady