MSM mode the new area of winter!


Marie-Soleil Vallière, a deseigner from Quebec, create beautiful choker’s and winter’s hat! She presented her collection at the Salon Artisans and she has a little kiosk at Laurier Québec.

Marie-Soleil, create by herself her choker, hat and hypoallergenic accessories with recycle coyote’s fur and lynx’s or artic fox’s fur.She made her hat by her hand and she does by knit. She knits since she was  4 years old and it’s become a passion for her.

The fur ? The wool? Where they come from ? The wool is hypoallergenic and she not come from animal  and the fur is only recycle fur of quality. The business card is made with recycle cardboard. They use the technique of zero waste and that touch everybody because we know that we need to change the consommation a waste at home so it a good idea to save the earth little by little with her compagnie and their material was only in environmentally friendly.

The winter accessories of quality was handmade by a mom’s team living in Quebec but the deseigner (boss)is  Marie-Soleil Valliere and she a amazing woman, I know what talking about because I know her. She made a collection for everyone for the baby of 0-2 years old, kid (boy and girl) ,woman and man!

We need to encourage more are local enterprise because is more important. Buying here than in another country like china is more important for our economy(local compagnie). Wear a hat from Marie-Soleil Mode is a feet towards the future. Her creation was so beautiful you can see it on

Is not just a business for her it her  passion and her hobby .She believes in herself to the beginning and look where she’s now! She realizes her dream to have her winter’s enterprise and she gave the courage to believe in your dream and save the earth too because she tried to save the earth little by little with her technique of zero waste!

written by: Alexe Tremblay-Tanguay

edited by : Alice Sourine, Samuel Boivin