The Original Statue of Liberty’s Torch In a Museum


The Statue of Liberty’s old torch is getting placed in a brand new museum nearby of its previous location.       


A crew of 15 people will move the 3,600 pounds torch from inside of the statue’s pedestal to the incoming museum. The torch is made out of lamber, glass and copper. Because it’s really fragile, they will need to do it very carefully.


The Park Service doesn’t want to close the island and prevent the 25,000 visitors just to move the torch. Mr. Phelps and his team decided that they will work between the closing time of the park at 4 p.m. until the opening at 2 a.m.


The 16 feet tall and 12 feet large torch is too big to enter in the museum. So, the torch will have to be dismantled in order to get it in.


Every year, the number of visitors on the island increases, that’s why they decided to build a new museum which will open in May 2019. The original torch of the statue will be the centerpiece of the museum.

If everything goes as planned, in 2019, you should be able to see the Statue of Liberty from inside of the museum through its large windows. The museum will be situated on the Liberty Island

“It’s a piece of cake,” joked Mr. Phelps, who is used to moving industrial and medical equipment. He said the closest thing with such historical significance he’s ever moved was a statue of President Garfield from a hotel in Long Branch, N.J.

“The issue here is it’s a precious treasure for our country,” he said. “This is not the most difficult thing we’ve ever moved. But certainly it’s the most important.”

What makes the museum really special it’s that it will be partly covered with grass. Here’s a picture of what it will be looking like. It was designed by New York-based firm FXCollaborative led by Nicholas Garrison

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Maybe in the next New York  trip, we’ll get to see the new statue of Liberty museum.


Jérémy L-D, Albert David Castro Delgado, Mathieu Champoux