The trappers trapped

Andréanne Rousseau

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Monday, November 26 2018, Valérie Théoret, 37 year old, and her baby Adele, 10 months, found the death during a grizzly attack in Whitehorse-Yukon.


The GRC received a call around 15 o’clock 45 from a trapper named Gjermund Roseholt, the husband of Valérie and the dad of adele. The man left the house to put on traps.On his way back home, at about 100 meters from the house, he has been attacked by a grizzly. Fortunately, he killed it and not the opposite.When he finally reached the house in panic, he found the dead body of his wife and baby lying on the floor.


Valérie was a woman really engaged in the French, teaching, outdoor community and surely appreciated of everyone. She was in her maternity break to take care of Adele. The family has been living on this trapping concession for 3 months when it happened.


Everybody who knew Valérie and Adele have been really sad about this story and most of them couldn’t believe it. Here’s what Verena Koenig had to say about the new mom. “She was full of love and awesome. She was so happy to have a children and to be a mom”


Miss Théoret wasn’t born in Yukon, but in Québec. She had lived in Yukon since 2005.


Some tests will be done on the dead body of the bear to know why he attacked the victims.

There’s two hypotheses going on about the question. Some people think Valérie took by surprise the grizzly and was too near of him. Some also thinks that the bear was sick or hurt and was scared they will hurt it, so he attacked them. The tests will help us find out which one of these hypotheses is true or, maybe, if none of them are.


On the November 29 2018, the friends and family of the little family have attended to a commemoration ceremony for Valérie and Adele.


Mme Stasyszyn, the spokesman of Environnement Yukon, said that Grizzly are normally in hibernation at this time of the year, but since it had been a relatively sweet winter, it is normal to see a bear not in hibernation.


Written by: Andréanne Rousseau

Edited by: Maude Roy, Allison Paquet and Émile Côté


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