Yemen Humanitarian Crisis


With more than 10,000 deaths, Yemen critical state is the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of modern time.

The armed conflict that started in March 2015 resolved to 10,000 deaths and  2 million people looking for a shelter from disease and violence. Many others are going hungry, because Saudi Arabia is blocking food importations.

Since Houthi has blocked almost all food supplying in Yemen, they are not able to respond to their needs without buying Saudi Arabia products. Yemen can produce only 5% of their food supplies because almost all the freshwater for crops is contaminated with deadly diseases.

Children are laying on hospital beds, fighting for their breath. The worst is that it’s not for a lack of food that people are dying, it’s for the price of it. “I can barely buy a piece of stale bread, that’s why my children are dying before my eyes”said a father of 3 sons that has lost one from hunger 2 months ago.

Two million malnourished kids are considered critically ill. Most of them suffer from Cholera that started to spread in April 2017 and caused more than 2,000 deaths among young children and elders, because their body is to weak to fight the disease.

Humanitarian help is very suprised that Khashoggi’s death have so much attention. Like Dr. Mahdi said: “We’re surprised the Khashoggi case is getting so much attention while millions of Yemeni children are suffering and nobody gives a damn about them.”

For the record, 112 air strikes have destroyed many market places, residential areas, medical, educational, cultural or religious sites. After investigations, all the strikes are from their opponent: Saudi Arabia. The bombs have caused more than 7,000 deaths and they have been made by the U.S.

Edited by: Annabelle Mainguy, Alexandra Demers