Is Marajuana Good for Dogs?


Annabelle Mainguy, Is Marajuana Good for Dogs?

With the legalization of cannabis, more and more animals, especially dogs consume Marijuana.

Every year , $ 1.7 billions are spent for those products for an average of 16 billions pets.

Some veterinarians prescribe medical marijuana to dogs who are over excited or because, sometimes, they scratch themselves causing skin’s problems. The correct dosage can calm the animals.

Unfortunately, it is not always prescribed by professionals. Accidently, the dogs can find crumbs of marijuana muffins or a leftover of a joint and eat it.

In Moncton, there is a medical counter that sells medical products for dogs that contains marijuana. The owner of the company, Patrick Jeannot,  ensures he sells 7000 bags of marijuana every week. Mr Jeannot said ¨ We sell a lot because people don’t find our products at the veterinary clinic and if they want a similar product, it’s very expensive¨

There are not enough studies to prove the effectiveness of marijuana products on dogs and to know the correct dosage.

The percentage of THC in marijuana that humans consume is quite higher than the one that veterinarians prescribe.

When a dog accidently eats Marijuana, pertaining to the quantity, it can have froth at the mouth , spams, neurological problems and even go into a coma. Usually, the symptoms start 3 hours after the accidental swallowing, but it depends of the quantity consumed. It could take, up to 1 or 2 days if the quantity was small.

The director of the Riverview veterinary hospital, Dr Francis Arsenault, considers that he sees one or two dogs intoxicated by marijuana every week. Dr Arsenault said ¨ When the dogs come to the hospital, sometimes they don’t know where they are and they don’t know how to walk¨


Written by Annabelle Mainguy

Edited by Julia Labbe , Marie-Maxime Geoffroy , Alexandra Demers