The growing prices of the annual pass for snowmobiles.


samuel boivin, The growing prices of the annual pass for snowmobiles

annual price reaches the 400$ mark.

The price of the annual pass for snowmobile have been going up since 2012. In 2012,it was then 240$. Every years since it as been going up about 20$ each year. For this year 2018-2019 users will need to pay 325$ if you buy it before December 09 and 400$ after. For the snowmobile that were made before 1999 it will cost 240$. This price is without the insurance. The insurance will cost beetween 45$ and a 100$.


There are many reasons why it is getting more and more expensive. The clubs are trying to add trails and make trails safer. In some trails there are holes, pieces of wood and rocks. That need fixing.


In Québec, the clubs are very careful and precise. Normand Boivin is a fan of snowmobile he has been driving in the trails and member of the Saint-Catherine-De-La-Jacques-Cartier club for 14 years. He said “I am very happy and I am with the decisions of the club. The trails need some work done and it is very expensive for a club to maintain them.” It is really hard for them to maintain all those snow roads because they got a low budget. For example in the 325$ only 40$ is going to be for the clubs.


The clubs are doing the best to maintain the trails with this low budget. It is getting expensive but it’s a lot better than before. when it comes to adding trails, Is the noise a lot of people are complaining about the noise and it obligates the clubs to shut the trails.


The club such as Jacques-Cartier covers a very large territory that covers Fossambault-sur-le-Lac * L’Ancienne-Lorette * Neuville * Pont-Rouge * Québec – Haute-Saint-Charles * Saint-Augustin * Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier * Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier. it is a lot for only one club.

Last year they got a lot critiques because the trails were not that great.


But for the night workers that maintain the trails are not even paid they are volunteers that help the club and the community. It is very hard for them mentally. you need to get up every night get into your skidozer and clean the trail, all that for free.


written by: Samuel Boivin

Edited by: antoine bernier, mathis rousseau, thomas s.f