Ski, Snow the Relais !


Étienne Belleau, Ski, Snow the Relais !

In Lac-Beauport, in 1936, the first ski chalet was created, now it’s the most popular and visited ski station in Quebec region. Here’s its story.

The relais is not the biggest ski station in Quebec, but it’s the most popular and most visited of them. According to customers,’’it is very well maintained and it’s the place to go during winter’’

With 173 acres, 32 tracks, 7 chairlifts and a few tracks that are more than one kilometer, it’s perfect for people who like adrenaline and also for the ones who’re looking for a relaxing ski (and snow) session. The snow condition during winter allows you to make powdery skiing, off-trails, mogul, etc… There are different track difficulties, there’s: easy, difficult, very difficult and expert only. It’s adapted for everybody! There is also an acrobatique club named Yvon LaRoche in memory of the legendary canadian acrobatic athlete.


In 1936, a chalet for skiers opened in the Laurentians.It was the first in the region and it took the same name as we all know now, the Relais. They installed it on the Mont Murphy, which was bought by Herman Smith-Johannsen, better known as “Jackrabbit”  for only $1000 and the ski station was financed by 

(l’Association des sports d’hiver de Québec) to extend their activities.

Over the years, they collected money to build more tracks and lifts. By extending the trails, they attracted sponsors and became more popular. Many famous skiers have trained there: Gabrielle Pleau, Philippe LaRoche, Yves LaRoche,the 3 Phils, etc… One day, Gabrielle Pleau said ‘’this ski station is a very good place to practice’’.

In 1946, the Relais installed a little track for the people who try to learn how to ski.  They named it ‘’La Piste École‘’.This infrastructure has been and still is very popular for the young visiters and also for the adults.

Few years after, they finally installed lights, which pleased the night ski lovers and permitted a better vision during the night.Then, they continue to make modifications in the future.

That’s how the Relais became the most popular winter attraction in Québec !


Written by: Étienne Belleau

Edited by: Mathieu Champoux, Ludovic Garneau

Total: 370 words