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Frédérique Labbé a 22 year old university student coaches at La Camaradière for the volleyball team.

Frédérique studies at Laval University to be a French teacher and that’s one of the main reason why she started coaching. Teaching and coaching have a lot of similarities. Indeed, one of the main goal is progression of a teen to success. She loves to be with teenagers and also has a different connection  with them, being  a teacher limits your interaction contrarily to coaching. “ I love volleyball, but sharing my passion with others make me love it more.” said Frédérique.

She has been assistant coach last year and now coaches for girl volleyball cadet team. She traines the team around 4h a week. Her goal as a coach is to show that intensity, rigor and discipline are the attitudes that bring success (in sports and also in your life). “When two teams show almost the same skills, it’s the team that is the most intensed and disciplined that will win”, said Frédérique to show her moto. Coaching is tough, but it deserves to be well done, so it is important to give everything to make athletes achieve their goals.

She started playing in 7th grade, meaning it has been 11-12 years. She is still playing volleyball in a league for the PEPS at Laval University called “intramurale”. She plays with friends and her boyfriend. There are only two girls in her team,the setter and her who is a hitter.

When she was at Cégep Limoilou, she played as a libero. Volleyball is really technic so to learn two completely different positions it is really hard. When you are a libero your job is to be the best at defense so you have to give a lot and it causes a lot of bruises, scratches and other small injuries. She had a lot of those, but never important ones.

She’s an amazing coach and has helped her athletes perform and persevere to become better everyday.

Written by: Audrey Côté

Edited by: Rose Jolicoeur

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