Canada’s Immigration is affected by America’s Government

Canada is welcoming a huge amount of illegal migrants since Trump’s election and according to polls and surveys residents disagree.

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Illegal immigration is the act of entering a country other than your motherland in ways that violate the immigration laws of that country, or the act of staying in a country where you can no longer legally stay.

After Trump’s election in 2017, his administration tightened policies against undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants residing in the United States of America are now headed to Canada to avoid getting deported. That means Canada’s asylum claims have doubled from the year before, according to government statistics.

Jean-François Lisée, a Parti Québecois leader, said  we should build a wall to keep illegal migrants away, back in April, but he actually meant it as an image, a way to make people use official borders, not a sign of exclusion. The PQ proposes to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement, an agreement between Canada and the United States of America for cooperation in the examination of refugee status claims from third countries natives.

91% of irregular entries take place in the province of Quebec, on Roxham Road, the most famous irregular path in the world. Janet McFetridge, an American woman living by the border, often awaits there to help new asylum seekers and give them clothes, food and toys for kids.

Taxi drivers transport migrants about 30 miles to the end of Roxham Road, a 100-yard dirt path into Canada, and McFetridge keep giving advice and support to illegal immigrants. “They are scared. . . . They will ask me if American Border Patrol is going to be here, and how far they have to walk.” driver Troy Gelwicks said after he recently dropped a Haitian family off at Roxham Road. “I say, ‘You just have to walk 10 steps, and Canadian Border Patrol is very friendly.’ ”

Polls, conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada with 1 200 telephone interviews of canadian adults, brought positive and negative opinions about immigrants living in Canada. Residents also believe that only legal immigrants should be allowed to stay, because they are in a developed country. They also discovered that two-thirds of Canadians believe individuals who migrate illegally should be deported.


Written by: Valeria Claro

Edited by: Alice Sourine, Antoine Bernier