Cannabis and Teens



In Canada, cannabis is now legal and because of  this, many teens started to consume it.


For teenagers, consuming cannabis is not good at all. Here is why: under 25 years old, the brain is still in developing process, so when you consume cannabis, it affects your brain a lot. Like Roxanne, the addiction worker of the school, said: “your brain is developing for a long time so if you consume cannabis, it can create health diseases and mental diseases like schizophrenia.” “your brain is like a flower so if you give your flower some oil, it will not develop right”. Explained Roxanne.


Also, in many cases, cannabis leads teens to an addiction or to consume other drugs.


In other cases, the using of cannabis leads to hunger, to tiredness, to anger or to happiness. Cannabis affects the nervous system of the brain. If teens start to consume cannabis, it’s to be cool or just for fun.


When parents learned that their children consumed Marijuana, they were  not always happy. Normally, they are surprised and ask themselves if it’s the first time they used it and if they consumed it regularly. But some parents are not angry and say that it is okay if they tried it once.


Written by Jérémie Gautreau

Edited by Alexandra Demers, Julia Labbé and Laurie Pronovost