Mistaken For Someone else

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Mistaken For Someone else

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A mother and her baby girl were attacked by a grizzly bear in Yukon, on Monday, November 24th during the day.


Valerie Theoret,  37, and her 10 months old daughter, Adele Roesholt, were killed by the animal outside of their shelter near Einarson Lake, an isolated area north of Whitehorse between 10h and 15h in the afternoon.


A journalist wanted to ask some questions to a close friend of Valerie, who’ s name is Rémy Beaupré. Then, the journalist called the first person who came up on Internet. The first person was a young man from Quebec, so he called him Wednesday at 15:09 and said ”Hello I don’t know if you speak English, my name is Charles I produce good morning America on ABC News and I am calling about your friend Valerie Theoret I’m so sorry. I have questions for you just give my a callback thank you so much .”But, he was wrong, it was not the right Rémy Beaupré because he didn’t know her so the man called back to inform them.


After, finding the right person, Rémy said some good words about her. “Extremely familiar and a good person. Trapping was a family dream ”, his close friend, Rémy Beaupré. It was really their first big trip. Valérie was on maternity leave with her baby and could enjoy the winter to go trapping. She was so excited to travel ,it was a dream come true. Rémy says the couple was aware of the dangers of living in wilderness.


This is not the first bear attack to occur in Canada this year. Last July, a 31-year-old man was killed while trying to protect his children during a polar bear attack on Sentry Island, Nunavut.


Written by: Gabrielle Beaupré

Edited by: Alice Sourine and Valeria Claro

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