California’s wildfire smoke is getting worse


Erika Mae Dayanghirang

San Jose pulmonologist, Dr. Will Tsang documented that a person who was expose to the wildfire smoke may have health problems

Almost the entire state of Northern California has been covered by the wildfire smoke which means that the quality of the condition of their air was very poor. A person who breaths the wildfire smoke may have asthma or it can lead to lung problems. Also, they may get certain health problems like irritation of respiratory system and shortness of breathing.

Wildfire smoke can be harmful to the elderly, most especially to those who have chronic heart and lungs disease and to  pregnant women.

A lot of people have been to the hospital because of stroke and other cardiovascular illness. However, thankfully, there are less  people who have long-term health consequences.

But people who are in good health may only have simple disease. Their exposure to the wildfire smoke will only cause  burning eyes, scratchy throats or chest discomfort. It will all vanish when the smoke is gone.

Last November, the deadliest wildfire called campfire occured in California. More than 10 000 buildings and houses were destroyed by the incident. Approximately 88 innocent civilians have died but early this month the tally was lowered to 85 people. Also they were three firefighters that were injured.

According to Global New , Dr. Wayne Cascio, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cardiologist, said “Wildfire season used to be from June to late September. Now it seems to be happening all year round. We need to be adapting to that.”

People in California  are trying to manage their situation by wearing smoke mask and using eye drops. Also, Californians are avoiding outdoor exposure so that they will not capture any disease.

According to ABS News, a student Mason West said “It’s kind of freaky to see your whole town wearing air masks and trying to get out of smoke.”

Written by : Erika Mae Dayanghirang

Modified by: Perrine Yode Nemadjilembaye Dorite

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