Perfect Classroom For Students

Humberto Canelo, Perfect Classroom For Students




The students of secondary 3, were asked to share ideas about the idea of having technologicals and comfortables classroom furnitures.The camaradiere’s students were asked to give their opinion on the perfect environment to work and learn.


Those students had the idea to have the best recent technological products and more comfortable furnitures in their classroom.


 “What would it  be your perfect classroom for you?” The students who were asked to, responded nicely.

Émile Côté is one of them and he told me he would like to have a liftable desk as his perfect desk. He could stand up and work. When asked how he could be more attentive to class. He responded that “We could walk in the class or have a little screen on the desk so we could see the teacher”. Émile told me that he would like to add a refrigerator with Starbuck drink to stay awake to his classroom. Another question was “What would be your perfect chair for your classroom?” and Émile Côté told me that he would like to have a gaming chair “Quercus” PewdiePie.


I asked Jérémie Vézina “How he could be more concentrated while working?” and he responded that he could listening to music while he is working. Jérémie Vézina responded to this question: What would be the equipments you’ll add to your classroom. He responded that he would add a charging station for phones and he would add more computers to the classroom.


I asked to Allison Paquet “Where would you like your class to be?” and she respond that she would like to be on the beach to learn her class. I asked her if she would change something to the class and she think that the boys are too disturbing for a concentration class. She also told that, they should be less talking because they are annoying her during almost all her classes. Allison affirm to be that she would like to have a 15 minutes sleeping instead of a 15 minutes reading. My friend also says that she would like to have a buffet in front of the class to eat and drink every time in her class.  


Finally, I would like to have a big tablet like a desk. I would also like to have a little screen on my desk to see the teacher in front and I would add moving walls for working in team. To be more concentrate during my work I would listen to music. As equipment I would add more computers, to the classroom. My perfect chair would be a gaming chair. And I would like to be in a bigger classroom.


Written by: Humberto-Rafael Canelo

Edited by: Allison Paquet and Jérémie Vézina