Reporter Assassinated by Saudi Arabia

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Reporter Assassinated by Saudi Arabia

Jérémy Larose-Desjardins, Supreme God

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A journalist was assassinated by Saudi Arabia agents for his dissenting opinions and critiques of the Saudi Kingdom on October 2nd.


Jamal Khashoggi was born on October 13 1958 in Medina. He had four children and he was preparing to get married for the third time. He was a Saudi Arabian journalist known for his critiques of the Saudi Kingdom. He was murdered on October 2nd in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey.


Khashoggi was reported missing after entering the Saudi embassy and never getting out on October 2nd.



At first Saudi Arabia’s government said that Jamal left the building but admitted 18 days later on October 20 that he was strangled to death in a fight. Five days later Saudi Arabia’s government contradicted itself again by saying the killing was premeditated.


An investigation by the CIA found out Khashoggi was murdered and possibly dismembered by a team of 15 Saudis and that Mohammed Bin Salman was the one who ordered the murder. The main proof of this is an audio recording of Khashoggi’s murder.


18 Saudis were arrested in relation with the murder. One of them died in a mysterious car accident on October 18.


Donald Trump said that the investigation had to continue and later denied the conclusions of the investigation. Trump was criticized by both parties for this declaration and he was accused of trying to make an excuse not to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. His supporters also started a campaign to try to discredit Khashoggi.


The reason why Khashoggi went to the Saudi embassy was to get papers necessary for his third wedding.

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