Quebec Nordiques Back?!

Julien Pelletier, Quebec Nordiques Back?!

After the Quebec Nordiques moved to Colorado, in 1995, all the hockey fan wanted an other National Hockey League (NHL) team in Quebec.

On December 5, the candidature of Seattle was accepted by the commissary of the league. They will enter in the NHL in 2021. The president, Gary Bettman and his assistant, Bill Daly said:« In the future closer the possibility to have another expansion team is very low.» After saying this, the spirit to have an expansion team just disappear but Quebec add more chance to have a team that move in Quebec.

« There is always a big demand for the NHL hockey. It’s not a question of number of team, but we need to ask the question to know what the team will add in the Gary Bettman’s circuit.» said Bill Daly after the acceptance of Seattle.

If Quebec want a NHL expansion team they need to pay the right price like Seattle that pay 650 millions of dollars. Houston is interest to have a NHL team too and the Coyote Arizona will move to Houston in 2021 when the Seattle team will enter in the circuit.

François Legault, didn’t take long to react after the new concession of the National Hockey League at Seattle. Legault hope that after the Seattle NHL team will open the door to Quebec. In 2016, the Quebecor had participated to the process of expansion to bring back a team in the old capital,  but the NHL reject their candidature and take the Las Vegas one. Before, Quebec had endowed an amphitheater with the standard of the NHL, the Videotron Centre.

François legault think that the next expansion team need to be in the east division. Now their is 16 teams in the west and 16 teams in the east so he want to be like before, more team in the east than the west.