The DBL Game


In the fall of 2003, DBL Game was born, its first ever match was played in the backyard of Mr. James Levesque             

Recently, a match of DBL took place in our school. It was between the teachers and the students. The teachers have successfully won the game. The teachers won the first two rounds while the students had dominated in the last round.

Mr. Gagnon, an English teacher said, that he had a lot of fun playing the game and that it was an interesting because of the the physical aspect of the play.

The first tournament of DBL game  was on April 2007 on the gym of Patro de Charlesbourg. DBL combines basketball and soccer. The players are permitted to use their hand and foot to pass the ball to their teammates. In order to score, the player have to around a net then try to throw the ball through the goal.

Walking with the ball without dribbling it and kick it outside the area of the match is not allowed throughout the game. Also throwing the ball to the ceiling is prohibited. It’s forbidden to kick the ball to the net.The founder said that, the reason why players have to turn around to the net is that there is no goalkeeper.

The acronym of DBL means “Dribbler Botter Lancer”. In English it translates to Dribble Kick Throw. This sport can be played by both gender. DBL usually has 10 players on each team. Only five players could  play at a time and others are reserves.

DBL was created by Mr. James Levesque in 2003. According to Mr. Levesque, he and his friend tried to play and made up the rules and the regulation of the game. But afterward, he’s the only one who continued developing and teaching the game.

DBL is now popular in our city.  Many school have now teams and a league.


Written by : Erika Mae Dayanghirang

Modified by: Perrine Yode Nemadjilembaye     


                       Sarah Manalo