Les Éperviers against College Sainte-Anne in Basketball

Jérémy Larose-Desjardins, Supreme God


Les Éperviers lost in an epic game against College Sainte-Anne.


Before the beginning of the basketball game you could feel the determination of both teams to win. However College Sainte-Anne were the ones to break the ice and score the first points to take the lead. They continued to expand that lead during the first quarter and it ended 11-6 in their favor.


Les Éperviers begun the second quarter hoping to reverse the trend but they were unable to do so. College Sainte-Anne continued to add to their lead. At halftime College Sainte-Anne were winning by 11 points.


Les Éperviers came out strong out of half time with a 3 point shot from Pordéhlem Aurigue. They continued to reduce their opponents’ lead until halfway through the third quarter where College Sainte-Anne took back the upper hand after a timeout which completely broke Les Éperviers’ momentum. College Sainte-Anne managed to take back their previous lead and even add to it in the second part of the third quarter.


The fourth and last quarter began and it seemed as if Les Éperviers had given up. College Sainte-Anne were completely dominating them and Les Eperviers had trouble producing any kind of offence while also being unable to keep College Sainte Anne from scoring more points. College Saint-Anne’s domination continued until the last 2 minutes in the game. At that point Les Éperviers gave signs of life and began a comeback but it was too little too late and College Sainte-Anne won the game 58-45.


When asked about how they could of won the game Thomas Simard-Fournier said “We should of continued to play like we were doing in the third quarter before their timeout and not let it slow us down.”


Les Éperviers are looking forward to the rest of the season and are hoping to make the playoffs where anything can happen. Thomas said “Our goal is to make the playoffs and see where it takes us from there. We never know what can happen in the playoffs and we could even end up winning the playoffs.”


Written by: Jérémy Larose-Desjardins

Edited by: Albert-David Castro Delgado, Zakary Bensadek