Équipe Étoile Destroys Grizzly

Équipe Étoile Destroys Grizzly


An Easy Victory for ”Équipe Étoile” Just Before The Mid-Season Break Versus The ”Grizzly” At La Camaradière.

On November 7, Équipe Étoile played their last game before Christmas break. They played against the Grizzly of Montmagny and they won the 3 rounds. “ It was a very physical game” said Julien. But they were able to easily win the two first rounds 6-3. The last one was the hardest  for Équipe Étoile, they narrowly escaped defeat, but won 6-5. Unfortunately, there was no man of the match, but Samuel Tremblay made the most points in the game.


“ Our players are sec 3 and sec 5, but we play against sec 5 and adults ” said Julien Pelletier the captain of the team. Which makes the game obviously more challenging, but the coaches can come on the pitch and count as players. At la Camaradière our team is composed of 10 players which is ideal because they have two line up.


There is no professional league in DBL yet, the biggest level of competition who exist is here at La Camaradière in La Ligue de DBL.


In DBL there’s no time limit, a game is 3 rounds and it’s the first to win 2 round that obtain the victory. To win a round you have to be the first team to score 6 goals.


DBL (Dribbler, Botter, Lance) is a game that’s played 5 vs 5 . It can be played inside or outside, but here at La Camaradière we play inside in the gym. DBL translate in English is Dribble, Kick, Throw. Its name come from the fact that you can move the ball forward by kicking dribbling or throwing it to a teamate and because of all the things you can do while playing it. So, you can use every part of your body when you play.


There’s a facebook page where you can see all the game live which is called Ligue de DBL Ball.The page is free, so if you want to go and take a look feel free.


Written by : Zakary Bensadek

Edited by : Kamélia Bensadek, Albert David Castro Delgado