Dubai’s Princess Practiced Her Escape?

Dubai’s Princess Practiced Her Escape?

Coralie Tremblay

Last March, Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, daughter of Dubai’s ruler, fled off Dubai to escape her family in Emirates and the Emirates government found out that she would have occasionally practiced her escape.


Latifa actually practiced her escaping plan. She was seen on footage where she was scuba diving in a pool in her palace just before her escape because part of the plan was to swim. Training was a problem for Latifa and the friends who helped her. “One time we managed to go to her uncle’s beach house to practice but visibility was so bad that she couldn’t try out all the gear simultaneously,” said Ms. Jauhiainen to Sky news.


With her friend Jauhiainen, she first fled to Oman’s border near Saudi Arabia then she met Hervé Jaubert aboard a boat. Jaubert successfully escaped from the Emirates in 2010 which is why she reached to him. The boat soon after left for the Indian cost but sadly got intercepted by two Emirates and three Indian warships. The crew aboard the boat got beaten up, but Latifa was taken onto a helicopter.


Latifa really wanted to leave. She wanted this more than anything because according to her, her father was not a good man and surely did not treat her well. “ My father is the evilest person I have ever met in my life,” she said in a clip. “ He’s pure evil, there’s nothing good in him.”


Dubai’s government spilled the beans on the princess’ case. They confirmed she was safely back home and that she accused a former French spy of her disappearance. Now that she was safely brought back home, she celebrated her 33rd birthday on December fifth with her family.


Written by: Coralie Tremblay

Edited by: Léa Côté-Létourneau and Alexandra Demers