Chinese arrested with 300 kilos of heroin



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On march 28, the police confirmed that they arrested a Chinese man in possession of 300 kilos of heroin in South Vietnam.


The suspect was caught during a police check up. When police officers checked the car of the Chinese man, they found many cardboard boxes full of heroin.


Inside the pick-up truck exactly 313 kilos of heroin were found, which is worth about 11 million Canadian dollars.


“Boxes full of heroin blocks were found during the check up of the

Suspicious vehicle in Ho-Chi-Minh-ville, The ex-Saïgon, Vietnam’s economic capital” the ministry of Interior, announced in it’s official newspaper.


“ Following the arrest of the two traffickers,  raids have been launched in several properties of Ho-Chi-Minh-Ville” , said the official online media VNExpress.


This bust happened a week after 11 people have been arrested including 8 chinese men after a bust of 300 kilos of methamphetamines. The drug was heading towards Ho-Chi-Minh-ville disguised as textile.


Usually the drugs of the chinese gang comes from the «Triangle d’Or». This region is located in the confines of the Laos at the border of Thailand and Burma.


Vietnam’s drug laws are among the toughest in the world. Possession or trafficking of 600 grams of heroin or more then 2,5 kilos of methamphetamine is punishable by death.


edited by : Albert David Castro Delgado , Jérémy Larose-Desjardins

written by : Zakary Bensadek