Two Woman Jailed And Slashed In Somaliland


samuel boivin, Two Woman Jailed And Slashed In Somaliland

Maymona Abdi was released from jail in Hargeisa on April 23. She was accused of consuming alcohol but the prosecution withdrew the charges.

Two canadian women were jailed in somalia. They were facing 30 lashes.

The women were originally from ottawa. They were accused of consuming alcohol. Which is illegal in  Somaliland. Maymona Abdi, 28, and Karima Watts, 24, they were arrested in january and were jailed for 2 and a half month and 30 lashes.

Ayan Mahamoud, a representative in somaliland to the UK. Announced that it is very rare in somaliland to be lashed.

They are now free and got back to canada. It was horrible for the family and the 2 womens. They said being jailed in somaliland and being slashed was the worst thing that happened to them.

Reports of their release came out just days after The Globe and Mail published a story detailing their detention and sentence as well as a plea from Ms. Abdi’s mother, Fahima Hassan, for Canada to secure their release.

The two women had travelled to Somaliland, where their families are from, to help local women facing persecution. Their humanity trip didn’t end up how they wanted.-

Jason Jeremias, a New York-based civil-rights activist who owns an organization called Price of Silence. Is worried for the safety of Ayan Mahamoud. The representative of somaliland may be in danger for helping the women.

Samuel Boivin