Fashion a dream or a nightmare?

Eve Ruel

     The covid may have brought a lot of negative things, but it brought some good things too mostly for the environment.


     The biggest consumers of clothings is the USA and China without including footwear and jewellery. All of this fabric is worth $1,34 trillion a year in retail sales. The womenswear account is more than half with 53% of the spending.


     During the pandemic we saw a major reduction of the benefit in the clothing industry. Even if people could shop online they didn’t shop as much as before Covid, only 40% of the people are shopping online now.


     100% of the people that were asked prefer to shop at the store because they can ask the opinion of their friends. Shopping at the store is also prefered by most folks because they are sure to buy the right size the first time and they won’t need to return.


     Also people choose to go to the store more often because they like to shop with their friends and family to feel the atmosphere of the store because it’s way better than just sitting on their couch and clicking on the items that they want.


     The last reason is that a lot of textile is just wasted and ends up in landfills. When a customer throws a piece of clothing in the garbage it goes directly to the landfill. Once buried it can take 200 years and more for the material to decompose itself.


     Another reason why the covid has good aspects is that we don’t go to the store as often as before so we don’t use the car as much as 10 months ago. This is a good thing for the environment because it created an important decrease of the greenhouse effect.


     In conclusion the covid has some positives and negatives effects. At least the positive aspects are for the environment. The next time you buy clothes make sure you really need it and that you will use it often or give it to someone else for a second life after you use them.