The Top 5 Best Selling Vehicle of 2020

Zachary Rousseau

There is still a lot of hype around Suv and trucks for 2020, since they are still at the top of sales charts. Let’s see which models attracted the most consumers in North  America.


        The GMC Sierra gets the 5th position this year with 51 492 units sold, which represents a drop of 5,3% compared to 2019.


  Chevrolet Sierra       The brother of the Sierra, the Chevrolet Silverado gets the 4th position. The sales of the Sierra are 52 767 trucks. The sales went down by 1,3 % this year, compared to last year.


     The price of the Sierra and the Silverado is from 30 200$ to 66 100 $. 


     In these pickups, you have the choice of five engines, from a 2,7 liters 4 cylinders to the big 6,2 liters V8. 


     One of the reasons why customers buy these trucks is because of the V8 engines, which are very powerful and reliable. « We all have our opinions but I prefer the Chevy’s engine because the V8 engines have been  around for a long period of time.» said Bernard Lafontaine. Also, people like the numerous functionalities of the tailgate. 


     But the biggest deception of these trucks is the interior, which has a bad finish and has looked the same for the last decade. 


         The 3rd place is occupied by the only SUV of the top 5, the Toyota RAV4. A total of 57 972 units  were sold in 2020, which represents 11,2% less sales then the one of 2019. 


     The price of the RAV4 goes from 27 990$ to 42 090$. You have the choice of 5 different trim levels in this SUV. 


     You can get 4 different powertrains  in this car, 2 hybrids, 1 electric and one traditional petrol engine.


     People like the RAV4 for its hybrid engines, and the space that you have inside the car.  “I really like the Toyota RAV4 because it is very reliable and they are perfect for families,” said Jaques Savard.


     The major problem of the RAV4 is the integral traction system, which has performance problems .


   Now, let’s talk about the second best selling vehicle of the decade, its most popular engine is the big 5,7 liters Hemi V8, the Ram.  


     The total sales of  Rams are  83 672 units but they have registered a dropped of 13,5%.  


     The Ram’s price goes from 43 345$ to 75 845$.


     One of the reasons why people buy the Ram is because it has a very luxurious interior and a superior finish . It also has 7 engines available , for the Ram and the Ram Classic. 


     There are also negative points in the Ram like the EcoDiesel engine which is very costly and a bad suspension for towing. 


    Ford F-150    Finally, the first position is awarded to a grand classic. It has been the top best selling vehicle for the last 55 years.. Yes it is the Ford F-150. 


     The total sales of the F-150 amounted to an impressive 128 649 trucks, but which nevertheless had a decrease of 11,3% this year. 


     You can buy a Ford F-150 from 31 799$ to 83 629$


     People like to buy Ford trucks because there are a lot of different trims available and you have the choice of 6 different engines and even a hybrid  for 2021. 


     People also buy it for the pleasure that you have, when you drive it, especially with the V6 3.5 liters twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, which produces  450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. “The 3,5 liters EcoBoost engine is very power full and fun to drive,” said Gerard Beaudoin   


     But the F-150 is not perfect, the 5.0 liters V8 and the 3.5 liters EcoBoost are still heavy drinkers when you are towing mostly. Also, the cost of the truck is very high , and the diesel engine’s cost is just terrible. 


     Everyone has a different opinion about car models but one thing is certain, these trucks remain very popular even if there were fewer sales as a whole this year.