Magali Chamberland, Writer

It is not unusual to have a pet that seems traumatized when you get them from the pet store.


There are approximately 2.04 million animals born in puppy mills and kitten mills and after, they go to your local pet stores.


Most animals that are sold in pet stores come from breeding mills. The majority of them are born in these places, that forced the beast to give birth, just to have their baby taken away to be sold in a pet store. There are roughly 10,000 puppy mills working for profit.


The poor creatures in puppy mills are not given proper food or water plus veterinary care. They are usually sick by the time they get to the pet stores. 

Pet shops acquire their cats and dogs from inhumane breeding mills because they accept the cruelty at the mills to be hidden from the customers.


The journey for our animals that we buy at those places is a nightmare. Some of them like fish are transported in plastic bags plus they are thrown in cardboard boxes. The exotic pets like lizards and snakes are ripped off from their family and shipped across the world scared and alone.


People don’t see that those animals have a miserable life at the pets store,  just for our pleasure of owning a pet.


Some of the creatures in the pet stores have serious health or psychological diseases that can be spread to humans and others companions. Buyers have often enormous vet bills and even death of the bête within days or weeks.


Did you ever ask yourself where pets that aren’t sold go? If no one buys the pets, they will start by lowering the price. There are some conditions that the pets will be older so they get thrown away. 


Here is why you should adopt from a shelter. They save the animals that are in the streets. When you adopt a kitten or a dog from a shelter, you are giving a second chance for these domestic and maybe saving their life from euthanasia.